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Citrine Cocktail Table
Citrine Table
geode Table
Petrified Wood Cocktail Table
Prasiolite Table
Table Top
Tiger iron slab
Petrified Wood
Petrified Wood

(Décor and Carvings) Tables

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Citrine "Bow Tie" Shaped Geode Table
Citrine "Bow Tie" shaped geode table on polished steel legs. Top view shows the many attractive citrine crystals.
Citrine Cocktail Table
This is a natural citrine geode that is cradled on a custom made stand in stainless steel. This is a one of a kind ...
Petrified Wood Rainbow Cocktail Table
Petrified Wood Cocktail Table made from a rare slab with rainbow coloration with lots of yellow,red-orange, charcoal ...
Petrified Wood slab table
Petrified wood slab on a metal base. Species Petrified Wood Slice Triassic,Araucarioxlon Arizonicun.Lots of wonderful ...
Petrified Wood Slice on Ironwood Base
Petrified wood slice on an ironwood base cocktail table. The slice has wonderful range in colors in reds,charcoal grey, ...
Petrified Wood Slice with Teak Base
Petrified wood Slice "Cocktail" table on a Teak Base. Wonderful colors are displayed in the slice as in what we find in ...
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