Ancient Fossil Horse

Ancient Fossil Horse
The best known fossil of one of the world's oldest horses. You could be the owner of this unmatchable horse and add "ancient and true blue" blood lines to your stable of fine horses. The Dawn of Horses Protorohippus venticolum Early Eocene Fossil Lake, Kemmerer, Wyoming

Protorohippus venticolum

Early Eocene

Fossil Lake, Kemmerer, Wyoming

"The Dawn of Horses”touchstone gallery is pleased to be offering for sale, the world’s most complete fossil skeleton of one of the world’s oldest horses, prepared to be shown as a wall sculpture.

touchstone gallery is offering this extremely rare fossil horse for sale.

 Perhaps you’ve been looking for that missing addition to your art collection; something to enhance your home or office décor; or a unique opportunity to purchase a very special gift to bequeath to your favorite museum or university. Whatever your individual reason, “Dawn” is an extraordinary example of natural art with historical and scientific significance for any horse lover. We are excited about the opportunity to offer you this window into the history of the equine world and make it your own.

“Dawn” is an extremely rare example of a Protorohippus venticolum fossil, dating back 52 million years from the Eocene period in Wyoming, and is the most complete example of this fossil ever discovered. Dawn is approximately two feet long and 12 inches tall at the shoulder; with an overall size of the fossil plate at about 30” x 28” x 4” thick and includes four fossilized fish. It was excavated from a working Arabian horse ranch by a 3rd generation quarry master and has had 200 hours of expert preparation ensuring that the piece will look extremely attractive in the setting of your choice.

This incredible fossil was “typed” by Lance Grande, currently Senior Vice President of the Field Museum of Chicago. The Field Museum created four museum quality casts of the horse, one of which is on display at our Scottsdale location.  Copying and pasting this webpage address: will take you to an excellent photo of Dawn by National Geographic Magazine.  Dawn was a part of the following National Geographic story

About the Name: This little horse has been widely studied and has been given a number of scientific names over the years. The first name given was Hyracotherium resulting from an 1841 discovery by Richard Owen. Dr. Owen lacked important parts of the skeleton in his initial find, and based largely on the fossil teeth named the animal Hyracotherium which means “hyrax-like beast”. In 1876 Othniel Marsh found a much more complete fossil which he named Eohippus  meaning “dawn horse”. No one connected the two fossils at the time. Many years later paleontologists concluded that the two fossils were from animals from the same genus. Following standard scientific naming conventions, the earliest name became the accepted scientific name…even though to the casual observer the dawn horse name perhaps better described the animal. Recently, many paleontologists have concluded that the genus <i> Hyracotherium needed to be parsed into separate genera…separating animals that preceded jungle ungulates like the rhinoceros, from those that were part of the horse evolutionary chain. Our Dawn Horse is part of the latter group, and as a result, future scientific work on this animal will be classified against the name Protorohippus venticolum.

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About the Artist, Mother Nature
Mother NatureMother Nature began her esteemed art career billions of years ago. She designs her art using special effects of time, heat and pressure….. Volcanic eruptions, mountains built from continents smashing into one another and even the slow layering of sand, silt, sea plants and animals creating new stone at the ocean’s floor. Some of her favorite creations are life turned to fossils, mineral crystals crafted into geodes, gemstones and an exquisite marble bearing the colors of a peacock! · Where there was once sea, she built land all while turning sea forms into fossils….. Caught in time are fish swimming among ferns….. where they once trolled the lake shores now they are forever etched in stone... · Her works include mineral crystals and gems born from the heat and pressure of volcanic eruptions. · In an instant of the geological clock, she showers the earth with meteorites condensed from the heavens. Mother Nature's art forms are numerous and wonderful to behold. Touchstone Gallery brings you a wide variety of her very best creations gathered from around the world.
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